Great Ways To Reduce Your Energy Usage

Your business energy usage is often made up of electricity and gas. There are two ways in which you can lower your business energy bills. One is to shop around and get better deals for your business energy. The other option is to reduce the amount of energy you use in your business. In this blog post we share some great ways to reduce your energy usage. However, if you are looking to shop around … Read more

Lowest Gas Costs In A Decade

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been really hard on a lot of businesses in the UK and across the globe. While it is hard to stay positive, we do have a ‘silver lining’ to the very dark and yucky cloud above many of us. We are currently experiencing the lowest gas costs in a decade. If you use gas in your business then this is great news. It is the effect of the … Read more

How Much Energy Do Different Business Types Use?

The size and location of your business will affect your cost of business electricity. However, did youknow that the type of business you have will also affect your business electricity costs? Below wehave looked at the typical business electricity costs for three different types of business. While thesecosts for electricity for businesses have been created to give you a rough guide, this will help you seeif you’re paying too much for the electricity for your … Read more