We have a wide choice of suppliers and many exclusive facilities and search the market for the most suitable and competitive quotes from business energy suppliers. 
We know you are busy, but so do the energy giants who rely on you being too busy to check your contract, too busy to give the required notice and too busy to check the market for a better deal. 
The result? Your energy supply contract is rolled over for a further 12 months, often on uncompetitive rates, just because you were too busy. 


Dancol Solutions can help you cut your energy bills. Visit our Business Utilities page for more information on what you can do to prevent this happening again. It's simple, straightforward and the best bit is ... there is absolutely NO COST to you whatsoever. 
compare energy bills with Dancol
Thanks to Dancol Solutions who have saved us over £1400 on our electric and gas renewal which is just amazing. 
Windmill Family & Commercial Hotel Alford