Our Business Lines and Call packages offer high-quality connectivity over Tier 1 Carrier networks.  From single lines to ISDN3oe’s we will have something suitable for your requirements.  With 24/7 support teams at your disposal, and additional care packages available, we ensure that your business continuity is at the forefront of what we do.


The market for the On Premises telephone system (PBX) remains strong.  Businesses that are yet to transition into the world of IP Telephony can still benefit from a full range of features that a traditional PBX can offer.  Current PBX’s offer Companies the comfort of staying with a familiar technology, offering a stepping-stone into IP Telephony when they are ready to commit.


Our IP Telephony solutions are at the forefront of modern telephony, based on established, reliable technologies from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.  Businesses benefit from simple efficiencies. flexibility and feature-rich functionality IP Telephony offers.


Our partner offer’s a full range of Inbound services from simple call forwarding through to complex call routing.  Our online platform provides monitoring, advanced call statistics and management tools to empower you and drive your customer service.  Inbound services can be used on any number, from anywhere, and with any device.

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