Lowest Gas Costs In A Decade

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been really hard on a lot of businesses in the UK and across the globe. While it is hard to stay positive, we do have a ‘silver lining’ to the very dark and yucky cloud above many of us. We are currently experiencing the lowest gas costs in a decade.

If you use gas in your business then this is great news. It is the effect of the coronavirus pandemic that has unsettled the gas market. This is what has resulted in these low prices for gas. These lowest gas costs are dependent on the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) supply staying high. However, currently there are no sharp spikes in demand so it is a positive outlook on the price of gas.

There are always changes in the utilities market. Some of these changes are bigger than others. In some cases the changes make major news, other times they do not. This is why we would always recommend you shop around for your gas, electric, water and utilities. We can help you renew your contract now and start saving money for your business.

If your contract isn’t up yet, that’s fine. We can look at your contracts for up to 4 years in advance!

While you may feel that now isn’t the time to start moving around, you could be wrong. Now is a great time to start shopping around. Firstly, you now have the time to shop around and get new quotes as business is quieter. Also, business is tough for lots of industries. This includes utilities companies. Not only is gas cheaper than it has been in a decade, you may also be able to get a great deal on your utilities.

By swapping your utilities and shopping around during lockdown, you can rest assured that when you return to ‘normal’ that you’ll be saving money every time you use your utilities in your business premises.

We want to help you save money, even more so in these uncertain times. Why not call us now to see how much money we can save you on your business utilities?