Great Ways To Reduce Your Energy Usage

Your business energy usage is often made up of electricity and gas. There are two ways in which you can lower your business energy bills. One is to shop around and get better deals for your business energy. The other option is to reduce the amount of energy you use in your business.

In this blog post we share some great ways to reduce your energy usage. However, if you are looking to shop around for a better value supplier, drop us a line. We can shop around for a better deal for you and our comparison service won’t cost you anything at all.

Great Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Usage

  • Switch your standard light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. They will reduce your electricity usage and last longer too. In time you will notice how much you save that was being spend on replacement light bulbs.
  • This is a habit that you’ll have to drill into your team. Get them to turn things off when they are not in use. This includes bathroom lights, storage room lighting, printers, computers and more.
  • In lesser used areas of the business you could install sensor lights. These will turn off when employees are not in that are of the business premises.

Great Ways To Reduce Your Gas Usage

  • Improve the insulation within your business premises so the need of heaters is reduced in colder months.
  • Include a sweater, fleece or outer layer as part of the uniform for your employees. This way they can look smart and stay warm, without cranking up the heat in the office.
  • Look at the gas rates compared to electricity rates. Could it be cheaper to use electric heaters as a cost-effective alternative to heat your office?

If you have tried all these ideas and still want to save money on your business energy, then you need to switch suppliers. A new business energy supplier could be able to offer you the energy savings you are looking for, for your business.

Contact our business energy brokers now to find how much we can save you on your business energy. You won’t lose anything by letting us shop around for you, but you could save a lot!

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