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You are looking to reduce your Merchant Service Costs


Have you been with your bank for card acceptance for years and have never considered switching? Chances are you are overpaying by 40% because the market has changed and there are now a range of cheaper alternatives. You can search them here

If you are a larger merchant contact us directly as we can can run a FREE tendering process on your behalf.

Convenient car payment services benefit all types of businesses

Mobile - wireless, secure, suitable for ; market traders, events, taxi drivers and all mobile businesses

Bluetooth - suitable for restaurants, pubs, cafes, retail stores and fast food outlets.

Fixed - suitable for; supermarkets and any business with premises.

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Don't take Debit and Credit Cards?

Why Not?

Increase your Turnover by 30%

Research has shown that by offering payment by card your foot fall will increase, your regular customers will spend more and impluse buying will go up, in fact a 30% increase is not unusual.

If you don't accept cards and your competitors do, you will be missing out on growing your customer base and could be potentially putting your business as risk, with your customers choosing to go to your competitors who do acceot card payments. A decidion they make purely, based on the the convenience factor.

People just do not carry cash anymore, and the latest statistics show that in the last financial year uo to April 2012 a staggering 41.8 billion pounds was spent on debit and credit cards combined, with an increase from the previous year of nearluy 7%. With cheques becoming more obsolete and refused at more outlets, and carrying cash a security factor to consider, then there has never been a better time to accept card payments for your business.

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