Why Should You Switch Your Business Water Supplier?

There is a market deregulation in England and Scotland that means businesses in the UK are not tied to one supplier. This is brilliant news for business as it means they can shop around for the best deal on their water rates. Just as UK businesses have done with gas, electricity and internet suppliers, they can do with water suppliers too.

Why Should You Switch Your Business Water Supplier?

The main reason to switch your business water supplier is cost. Businesses can save money and reduce their consumption by changing water suppliers for their business. The supply of water for a business is separate to waste water disposal. This means a separate company can provide the retail water for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Switching Water Suppliers for Business?

It’s important to start by explaining that the water market is not as competitive as the energy market. However, the water market is heading in the same direction. In the meantime, switching business water will still get you some significant savings on your business water needs.

If you switch your water, business electricity and gas at the same time, you will also see a large difference, all at the same time. If you go to different suppliers, you’ll see all the savings around the same time. However, some business utility brokers can get you better deals when you are switching multiple suppliers.

There are also a lot of different suppliers out there. By switching water suppliers for your business, you can choose a supplier that offers a more tailor-made solution for your requirements.

Can I Switch My Business Water Supplier?

If you are a business that uses over 5000m³ of water each year and you are based in England or Scotland, then you can switch your water supplier. However, businesses in Wales can not switch water suppliers (at this time). It is also not possible to switch your water supplier if you have a home office. This is because homes cannot switch water suppliers.

How Can I Switch My Water Supplier?

Give us a call now. We can discuss your water needs, what you are currently using and paying. We will let you know if we can save you money and then shop around on your behalf to get you the best deal.

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