Why Energy Brokers Are Better Than Price Comparison Sites

We often hear of price comparison sites being praised for helping to revolutionise the business energy market. These price comparison sites allow customers to see a wide range of business energy packages. This enables them to choose the best business energy supplier based on their needs.

However, many business owners can get better deals on their energy by using an energy broker; but why?

An energy broker has unbiased market knowledge. This means they have the ability to secure better rates for your business energy.

We all know that the energy market often has fluctuating prices. These fluctuations can be due to new taxes, political upheaval, the discovery of a new oil field and much more. They are all unpredictable things. However, they can have dramatic effects on the price of energy.

This is why it can be very challenging for business owners to try and make sense of the ever-changing business energy market, especially when they have their own business to run.

To secure the best rates for your business energy, you will often have to sign a fixed rates contract. This needs to be done when the energy prices are low, therefore they stay low. You also need to avoid signing a fixed rate contract when the energy prices are high.

The main issue with price comparison sites is that they will only list the energy rates of the business energy suppliers at that time. They won’t say that if you wait until next week it’s likely to be lower, or next month it will be higher. A price comparison site can only tell you what the costs are right now, at that particular point in time.

However, when you use a business energy broker you are gaining their extensive experience of the business utilities market and their expert knowledge. We will tell you if now is the best time to switch business energy suppliers or if you should wait a little while. Our business energy brokers are better than price comparison sites because they’ll recommend what you should do it, but also back it up with verified facts, statistics and independent advice.

Thinking about switching your business energy supplier? Call us now to find out what deals we can find for you.

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