Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

Energy costs mount up over time. Energy is something that we can’t avoid paying as a business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pay less for it! Not only are there ways that you can save energy in your business, you can also save money on your business energy.

In this blog post we share the four easiest things you can do to reduce your business energy costs. When we say the easiest way, we mean really easy! So easy in fact you’ll wonder why you didn’t try reducing your business energy costs sooner.

Energy Supplier Switching

The easiest way to reduce your business energy costs is to switch supplier. Many people think this will be a lot of hassle and avoid it. However, by avoiding switching your business energy supplier you could be missing out on some huge savings. Plus, it’s really not that much hassle at all. We will take the time to understand your business and your energy usage. We will then get you a business energy comparison quote. This will allow you to see how much you could save by moving energy suppliers. Then, when you say yes – we will manage the energy supplier change for you.

Layer Up On Clothes

Consider supplying your team with branded jumpers, fleeces or cardigans. This will encourage your employees to wear more clothes in the colder months. Research shows that turning down the heating by just one degree in a standard semi-detached home with three bedrooms will save £85 – £90 a year. Imagine how much you could save in your business if employees wore branded jumpers and you could turn the heating down even more!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

When was the last time that you had your air conditioning unit looked at? Were the air conditioning filters cleaned? Reports show that by replacing a dirty filter with a clean filter in your air conditioning unit you can reduce the energy used to operate the machine. The energy usage can be reduced by between 5% and 15%! Imagine how much that could reduce your business energy costs.

Educate Your Team

Take the time to educate your team on saving energy in the business. You may want to give a member of your team the responsibility of reducing the energy costs in the business. This could include reminders to turn off appliances when they are not in use or turning off lights at the end of the day.

If you are looking for ways to seriously reduce your business energy costs then call us now. We would be happy to share some ideas for you, but also offer you a better price for your business energy.

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