Business Energy Comparison Tips

Due to business energy prices fluctuating from time to time, you may be wondering when the best time to switch business energy suppliers may be. The real answer is, whenever you want! There is no right time to start shopping round for the best business energy supplier for you. However, if you give us a call, we can advise you on your meter contracts, when they are coming to and end, when to switch and how.

Here at Dancol Solutions we work closely with a good selection of business energy providers that offer our customers a good deal on energy for business. We can manage the business energy provider switch as soon as a current contract ends. Alternatively, we can submit a contract ahead of time prior to the contract finishing. This means the new contract can begin as soon as the old one finishes.

There are a lot of different business energy providers out there. They all offer different pricing at different times of the year. As the market changes, as do the energy prices. We would recommend that you do a business energy comparison for your business. Below, we have listed some business energy comparison tips for you.

  • Look at your energy usage and energy bills. It is normal that your energy bill would go up if you are using less energy. The same goes that if you put business energy saving plans in place and less energy is used, your business energy bill should be lower too. 
  • Speak to neighbouring businesses that have a similar energy usage to you. Ask them how much energy they use, who their business energy supplier is and how much they are paying. This will give you a rough idea of what your business energy bills should look like.
  • Have a look at your old bills. By looking at how much you paid last period you can see how much the energy bill should be. Also compare the business energy bills from this period last year to this year. This should show the same amount of energy being used but also show you how much you were paying.
  • Do a bit of online research. We recently shared some blog posts that explained the terminology of business energy to help you better understand your business utility bills. By understanding what you are paying for, you can better understand your bills for business energy comparisons.

If you’d like help getting the best business energy supplier for your business or seeing how much you could save with another supplier; call us now.