Saving On Your Business Landline

When was the last time you used your home phone? Do you even have a home phone? How often does your office phone ring, or do people prefer to phone you on your mobile? Perhaps you are noticing your clients prefer to text you, email you or even send messages on WhatsApp and Facebook?

So, how can you use this information to go about saving on your business landline? Business owners are always looking for ways they can save money in the business. Saving on your business landline could be the easiest way to cut business costs. 

Listed below are just some ways you can go about saving on your business landline;

Talk Less

Take a look at the call packages available with your current telecom’s supplier. Do you have a limit of how long you can talk for free? By understanding your limits of free calls, you can time your calls to ensure you don’t get the large charges slapped on by some telecom’s companies. However, this isn’t always ideal for businesses, especially when you’re about to get a deal done!

Pay In Advance

You will find that some telecoms suppliers will reduce their charges if you pay in advance. While this will not help you save money now, you will notice the savings in the near future. By paying for your rental in advance you will often end up with lower monthly payments. The longer the contract you sign with the supplier, the lower your monthly payments will often be. It is worth weighing up the pros and cons though. For example, if they become a bad supplier do you want to be stuck with them just for the money you save?

The Wonderful Web

Why not work at saving on your business landline by using the internet instead? You can use VoiP to make and receive calls instead of a standard landline. VoiP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is not only free to call other VoiP users but you will also get free or cheaper calls to landlines too. 

You could also add a chat bot to your website. For a small set-up fee and low charge each month visitors to your website can talk to you online for free. This enables them to ask any questions they have and reduces the need for a phone call.

There are lots of other brilliant applications out there to make calls. Things like Skype that have been around for a while or Zoom and Microsoft teams which have really grown in popularity recently.

How To Save On Your Business Landline

If you are looking to make some serious savings on your business landline and mobiles, call us now. We can help get you the best deal for your business telecoms.

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