Why Energy Brokers Are Better Than Price Comparison Sites

We often hear of price comparison sites being praised for helping to revolutionise the business energy market. These price comparison sites allow customers to see a wide range of business energy packages. This enables them to choose the best business energy supplier based on their needs. However, many business owners can get better deals on their energy by using an energy broker; but why? An energy broker has unbiased market knowledge. This means they have … Read more

Why Should You Switch Your Business Water Supplier?

There is a market deregulation in England and Scotland that means businesses in the UK are not tied to one supplier. This is brilliant news for business as it means they can shop around for the best deal on their water rates. Just as UK businesses have done with gas, electricity and internet suppliers, they can do with water suppliers too. Why Should You Switch Your Business Water Supplier? The main reason to switch your … Read more