Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Business Energy Costs

Energy costs mount up over time. Energy is something that we can’t avoid paying as a business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pay less for it! Not only are there ways that you can save energy in your business, you can also save money on your business energy. In this blog post we share the four easiest things you can do to reduce your business energy costs. When we say the easiest way, we … Read more

The Benefits Of Using A Business Energy Broker For Your Business Energy

When you are running your own business it can be easy to get stuck ‘in’ the business. Instead of working on your business and ensuring it runs smoothly, your time can be lost on things that are not the main focus of the business. This could be managing people, small admin tasks, selling products, dealing with complaints or even finding the best deal on the energy for your business. The world of energy is huge … Read more

The Average Costs Of Business Electricity Based On Business Size

Electricity is essential to all businesses in some forms. In a previous blog post we looked at how much three different business types should expect to pay for their business electricity. In this blog post we look at how much business electricity should cost based on the size of the business. The size of the business and the amount of people working in your business will change the cost of your electricity. There are lots … Read more

How Much Energy Do Different Business Types Use?

The size and location of your business will affect your cost of business electricity. However, did youknow that the type of business you have will also affect your business electricity costs? Below wehave looked at the typical business electricity costs for three different types of business. While thesecosts for electricity for businesses have been created to give you a rough guide, this will help you seeif you’re paying too much for the electricity for your … Read more